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    Confessional Thursday | 2.11.16 Edition

    I’m glad to have a place to add a few confessions! This week, I’m confessing…

    1| I feel like today should be Friday. This week feels like it’s lasted an eternity. I’m not trying to rush time, I’m just ready for the weekend.

    2| I really like Valentine’s Day. I know, I know it’s overly commercialized, but I really enjoy the meaning behind the holiday. While my husband and I show each other love daily, I like having that special day designated as a day to celebrate our love. It’s kind of like Christmas. I celebrate Christ each day, but there’s something about the Christmas holiday that’s magical.

    3| I am in a funk. Since I shared about our pregnancy loss, I’ve found myself falling into a funk. For the most part, I’m doing ok, but to be honest, I put up a good front.

    4| Cooking dinner is challenging when not everyone likes the same thing. I try to be really cognizant of what my family likes, but it’s hard when you have picky eaters. I understand the struggle my mom must have felt.

    5| I’m a really big procrastinator when it comes to things I don’t really want to do. Those things include cleaning the bathrooms and filing papers.

    6| I want to redesign my blog. I stepped back from blogging for a while, but I’ve really enjoyed writing lately and want to spruce up my space.

    7| I started to decorate the boys’ bedroom upstairs probably a year ago (or more) and I haven’t finished. We hardly ever use that bathroom, but still, I want it to look nice. I need to finish it.

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    CONFESSIONAL FRIDAY | January 9, 2015

    Happy Friday! I don’t know about your week, but mine has flown, which has been welcome considering this is my first week back this year. Thankfully, I love what I do, but it is nice to have a fast week. Now if only the weekend will go slow.
    I’m linking up with Leslie for Confessional Friday.
    one | We watched The Bachelor this week as in my husband and I sat snuggled on our couch for three full hours on a Monday night watching The Bachelor. We haven’t ever done that before (watch the premier). I could count on both hands the number of times I’ve watched an episode of that show. I must say, it was pretty entertaining.
    two | For someone who normally runs 5-6 days each week, I took three whole days off from Monday until Thursday when I ran five. It was nice, too. Sometimes, I think it’s good to have a few days off.
    three | I have to quit my late-night snacking habits. When I run like normal, I’m usually hungry if I’m still awake at 10:30 or 11, but when I don’t run like normal, I’m not really hungry, but I still like my snack. Usually, it’s a bowl of cereal, but since Christmas, those little chocolate Santa’s have been really, really good at disappearing by 11 pm.
    four | I had a major kitchen fail Wednesday night. I wanted to make a good dinner, so I planned on cooking pork chops, corn, and brown rice. Well, when we got home, I realized that I only had real brown rice (the brown rice I’m referring to uses beef broth and beef consomme in place of water) which takes forever to cook. With homework to do, playing to be had, and baths to give, I opted for the microwaveable instructions to cook my brown rice. Major fail. FYI – it says to microwave for about 25 minutes. I microwaved an extra ten minutes and my rice was still as hard as it was in the bag. Good thing the boys like pork chops and fruit!
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    Confessional Friday

    A little weekly confessional is always good for the soul.

    1. I confess I’ve spent too much time (and probably money) in Hobby Lobby lately. I’m not super crafty, but Hobby Lobby can make even the least craftiest of us look good. I get sucked in to all of the cute things. I guess it’s a good thing we have two boys because I’m totally in love with all the pink and gold I’ve seen in there recently, and in a house with three guys, I can’t get away with that.

    2. I confess that I haven’t eaten candy in forever… until this week. For some reason, I haven’t wanted candy at all lately. I don’t think I’ve eaten any that amounts to anything since probably last Christmas. I didn’t even eat the Reese’s Cup my sweet boy gave me on Halloween. But, Saturday night, I ate a whole Butterfinger and it was good. And last night, I may have had a mini Musketeer and Milky Way. And you know what? I haven’t missed it at all.

    3. I confess that I don’t know if we’ll ever find a kitchen table. We need one, badly. We have one, but we need a new one, preferably that seats six. We did a bit of furniture shopping when we took the kids to the zoo on Tuesday, but we couldn’t find anything we both like that will work. I did, however, find a really lovely dining room table that seats 12. Unfortunately, it won’t work in the kitchen where I need it to go. My preference is a round table that seats six and can be expanded to seat 8-10 with a leaf. If you know where I can get one, let me know!

    4. I confess that I’m totally and completely in the mood for Christmas. I really want to watch Home Alone while I drink hot chocolate. I’m usually not in the Christmas mood until that socially acceptable time right after Thanksgiving, but I can’t wait to put up our decorations and enjoy the Christmas season.

    5. I confess that I can fall asleep literally anywhere. I have this problem that’s called I get up early and run, have my work day, do fun family things, cook, and homework and all that goes with taking care of your family each night, and then once I sit down, I am out as in it doesn’t matter if my husband’s watching a game with his friends, I’m at my in-laws, or my sister is over. At a certain point, once I sit down and get comfortable, I’m out.

    6. I confess that I think call waiting is one of the rudest things ever. I rarely take a call if I’m on the phone with someone else. If my husband calls, that’s one thing, but if I’m talking to someone, I wait and return the call when I get off the phone. When I was growing up, we didn’t have call waiting where you could see who was calling and we survived.

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    Friday Confessions

    A little confession is always good for the soul, right?

    1. I confess that I fall asleep way too easily. I’m going to blame this on the fact that I’m moving and active from the minute I get up until the minute I sit down at night, but still, it’s bad. Last night, my sister and her friend were at our house and I sat down on the couch with Kevin and a few minutes later, I was sleeping. I felt so rude! I just get all cozy and snuggly and that’s it for me.

    2. I confess that I’m doing my first real DIY project. Sure, I’ve painted and done other things like that, but I’ve never tackled a real DIY project. I’m attempting to frame the mirrors in our bathroom and the boys’ bathroom. I’ll let you know how it goes Monday.

    3. I confess that I’ve enjoyed Dunkin Donuts (and donuts in general) too much lately. There’s a Dunkin Donuts not far from work and while I don’t normally eat donuts, I’ve made my way there a few times the last few weeks. And some people from my office have brought in donuts. Not good. It’s not the donuts, they’re good, but I really don’t like it after I’ve eaten them.

    4. I confess that I went to the gym this week for the first time in a month. Yes, the girl who used to go 3x a week skipped almost a month at the gym. Now, I didn’t skip exercise, I’ve still been running, but I’ve skipped weights. I have been doing ab work on my incline bench, pull ups, and push ups at home, but that’s not a substitute for the gym.

    5. I confess that I have a huge stack of magazines that I need to eliminate. I love magazines. I get Runner’s World, Southern Living, and Better Homes and Gardens to name a few, but I don’t always sit down and read them when I get them which means they find their way to a big stack in my bedroom. I’ve started going through them and I want to finish that this weekend.

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    5 x 5

    It’s Friday which means I have a few random things to share with you. Some confessions, some favorites and just some other random thoughts for your weekend.

    I confess…

    1. Sometimes, we eat cupcakes in bed. And sometimes we eat cupcakes in bed while we watch high-quality reality shows like Southern Charm.

    2. I have an addiction to Nike Tempo shorts and dri-fit racerback tanks. Case in point: We just had an Academy Sports open and I may or may not have bought new shorts and tanks (and that’s after Kevin just gave me quite a few for my birthday). What can I say? I love my running clothes.

    3. I dislike social media sometimes. It’s not that I dislike social media all the time, it’s just that it takes away from life. (And I know the importance of it thanks to my job.)  Have you ever noticed how many couples are out to dinner and either one or both of the people are playing with their phone the whole time? And how about families when they’re out and they use the iPhone as an entertainer for their kids until dinner makes it to the table? (I know we’re guilty of that one.) I can’t for the life of me stage an IG photo every day. I pull my phone out to take pictures some, but I make it a point not to be on it at home in the evenings during family time. That said, how cute is this recently IG’d photo of our Kaden? He wanted me to touch the lizard he caught while counting insects for his homework.

    4. Sometimes my heart feels like it has a dagger in it. Kaden mentioned to me the other night that it was almost time for me to go with him to Muffins for Moms at his school and they had started some things for it. One of the things he had to do he said was to answer some questions about me. He said he didn’t think he got my age right (props to K.C. for shouting out 28!). Times like these make my heart hurt. I love my boys more than life itself and I respectfully don’t go to this one event even though they both think I should be there at their schools. And that’s really when that ugly word in front of mom royally sucks (and I don’t really care so much for myself because I know how they feel, but I care for them). And you know I don’t talk like that.

    5. I almost exploded blueberries all over our kitchen this morning. I am on this green smoothie kick and this morning, I decided to add some frozen blueberries to my smoothie. Word to the wise – the fill line is there for a reason. Follow it!

    5 Happies for your Friday

    1. My big boy and I went on a field trip yesterday. We went to Pirates Voyage down at the beach. It was fun. He jumped into our bed at 6 am yesterday (he’s our sleeper) and was so excited! On the way down, he looked at me and said “I am so, so happy, Anna!” It made my heart smile!

    2. We had an awesome Saturday. Last Saturday was just so much fun. It started with a race, then a fun day looking around ArtFields and ended with us seeing my sister and her boyfriend before prom and dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

    3. TODAY IS MY LAST FRIDAY WORKING FOR 3 MONTHS! I don’t think I really have to say anything else about that. Let the Fun Fridays commence!
    4. I got to watch my husband play softball this week. I got to watch a few of Kevin’s games this week. I love to be able to support him. He is great!

    5. I’m looking forward to this weekend. It’s the first weekend in many that we haven’t had a ton of plans. I have a race in the morning, but other than that, not too much is planned. I’m hoping for some relaxation, maybe a movie and just spending time with my handsome husband!

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    A Few Confessions for You.

    This week calls for some confessions. It’s been a while since I shared any, so enjoy! I’m linking up with Leslie to share mine!

    1. I may or may not have lost K.C.’s kite on Sunday. The day was beautiful and we took advantage of it by staying outside all afternoon. K.C. flew his kite for about thirty minutes and then asked me to roll in back in so we could do something else. Well, let’s just say the wind had other plans and the next thing I knew, the kite was flying above our house. We all ran into the backyard and spotted it just as it landed in a tree. Unfortunately, all we could recover was the string.

    2. Nutella is hard to resist. The boys and I have this thing literally every week called a Nutella date. I really try to eat healthy, but I also don’t deprive myself of anything. For some reason, it’s a whole lot easier to eat too much Nutella with pretzels when you’re doing it as a date with your two little guys. Ingenious, isn’t it?

    3. Hobby Lobby is going to break my wallet. We put in these new built ins that I keep talking about – I promise, I’ll show you soon – which only gives me a reason to stop in at Hobby Lobby for a few little things that will help it look nice. My co-workers have noticed this trend and gave me a gift card for my birthday.

    4. I eat too much cereal, y’all. Cereal is my go-to snack every night. Late at night. After the kids are asleep late at night. I don’t eat the super sweet things like Frosted Flakes, but I don’t know that Mini Wheats, Honey Nut Chex or Raisin and Nut Bran are exactly healthy.

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    I Confess: My Husband Is Better With Fondant Than I Am (and a few other confessions and letters)


    dear kevin: I never knew you were so talented in the kitchen. I mean the fruit salad and sauteed squash you cooked earlier this week were divine, but you blew me away last night with your careful crafting on fondant turtle heads. (p.s. This is a little preview of what my sweet husband and I were doing until almost midnight last night.) Also, I hope you feel better soon. This sinus infection/allergy/whatever you want to call is not fun. I love you more than words can say. And a happy six months to you (tomorrow).
    dear k.c.: You are my favorite five-year old in the world. And I am unbelievably proud of you! You are great at everything you do and you’re so smart, too. If there’s a toy that needs fixing, you can do it. I was so proud of your good hit in your first real baseball practice earlier this week. I love you my little blueberry ocean eyed boy!  dear kaden: When did you get so old? FOUR! That wasn’t supposed to happen for at least another four years. You have the sweetest disposition and I could just eat you up. You are too cute! I can’t wait for your official birthday party tomorrow – we’re going to have so much fun! I love you little one! dear stephanie: I’m proud of you and I know whichever college you choose will be the right one. Not many people get into every school they apply to. No matter where you go, you’ll do well and I know you’ll go far. You mean the world to me and I’m so proud of you! I love you! dear running shoes: Please stop giving me blisters between my toes. They don’t feel good. Also, new socks, please correct this problem so I don’t have to buy new shoes. And I’d like to win my race tomorrow. dear beach: You and I are overdue for some quality time. I’m looking forward to hanging out with you soon. dear God: I don’t know why, but you continue to amaze me with your faithfulness despite myself. I am blessed and you have blessed us.
    This week I confess that…
    I’m not so good at following our family’s “Simplify” rule. Granted, my husband picked up snacks and drinks for tonight’s ball practices instead of me making cupcakes. Little steps right?
    Even though I don’t follow the “Simplify” rule all the time, making a big deal out of things like birthday parties is fun and brings me joy. But I’m glad I finally believe it’s ok to sign up for chips instead of a homemade snack.
    I want to watch Food, Inc. Kayla has been telling me about the “pink filler” McDonald’s and other fast food places use in their burgers and it makes me sick. 
    I am going to start eating and cooking better and limiting take out. It scares me to think about what crazy things are going into my body. 
    I think I sometimes have too high expectations of others. Or maybe it’s that I pay attention to the little things. Or it could be that I am tough on myself.
    I love the Build ‘Em Up Series!
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    Friday’s Letters, Confessions and Fitness

    This is a long post, but I love linking up for each of these on Friday and I love being able to look back and see what was going on.

    dear kevin: Thank you for making this birthday extra special! And thank you for cooking and having dinner started so much recently! You are the best. I hit the jack pot when I married you! I love you! dear boys: You two are the cutest people on this planet. Hands down. I love your sweet hugs and kisses and all of your snuggles. I can’t wait for some fun summer times! dear kayla: Thank you for my birthday card! It made my day! dear readers: Thank you for coming back again and again. I’m really humbled that you read my random thoughts and come back for more. I love talking with you and reading your blogs. dear God: Thank you for all of your answered prayers, grace and guidance. dear weekend: You and I have a lot to do. Please bring pretty weather!  

    This week, I’m confessing that…
    … I ate Key Lime Pie and a handful of potato chips for dinner last night.
    … I’m already hooked on this new book I’m reading.
    … I got super excited when I read that the spa I like is giving a $15 discount to April babies on an hour massage.
    … I sometimes wish I didn’t always have to be the bigger person which I always am.
    … I really want a mini vacation to somewhere warm for just a few days or a long weekend.
    … I’m really excited for Kaden’s upcoming birthday!
    This was a good week of workouts! I managed to run all but one day and do some other workouts (predominately abs) most days. One new thing I’ve done this week is slow down. I don’t normally do recovery runs, but I decided to do some slower runs and my legs have thanked me. One of my 27 at 27 goals is to run each day for a month and I think April is going to be that month.
    We have an extremely hectic week ahead, so I’m going to plan my workouts carefully. I want to start upping my weekly mileage to be consistently around 20 miles a week and I want to start doing this ab workout that Hungry Runner Girl has been talking about.  

    Workouts for the Week
    2 miles/13:56; Gym Workout: Upper Body, Abs, Glutes
    3.25 miles/22:35; 200 situps with 10 lbs; 50 standing side twists with 10 lbs (each side); 1 minute plank
    2 miles/14:18; 100 situps with 10 lbs; 25 stadning side twists with 10 lbs (each side); 10 Burpees; 3 – 1 minute planks; 2 mile walk with KT
    5.25 miles/38:38; 200 situps with 10 lbs; 50 on each side with 10 lbs; 11 Burpees
    2.5 miles/18:18; Gym Workout: Upper Body, Abs, Glutes and Legs
    1 mile/6:30; 100 situps with 10 lbs; 25 standing side twists with 10 lbs (each side); 13 Burpees
    Total Miles Run: 16
    Total Days Working Out: 6
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    Some Friday Confessions

    I confess that this is one of my favorite link ups of the week!

    I confess that I bite my nails as a nervous habit.  And I need to stop!

    I confess that I ate horribly this week.  I normally try to stay away from fast food and eat relatively clean, but this week was bad.  If you don’t believe me, check out the picture of my lunch from yesterday.  And yes, I feel like a total fatty.

    I confess that I still use a paper calendar.  Specifically, this Erin Condren one.  I love my planner!  I’m not that old school though.  I use Outlook and it synchs to my iPhone!

    I confess that I’m slightly concerned about my race tomorrow.  I’ve been all stuffy this week and not being able to breathe well doesn’t help when you’re trying to win.

    I confess that I really enjoyed judging a beauty pageant last night.  It was fun!  Here I am in my judge’s chair!

    I confess that I also loved finding my old MySpace page yesterday!  The pictures cracked me up as well as the “About Me” surveys I apparently used to like to complete!

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    Friday’s Letters and Confessions {February 22, 2013}


    dear husband: I’m glad you’re finally feeling more like yourself.  It’s no fun when you have the flu.  I don’t like seeing you sick.  I love you! dear sweet boys: Can I tell you just how much Anna Belle likes to snuggle with you?  While I’m striving to teach you things, you’re teaching me more than I ever dreamed possible. I love you to the moon and back sweet boys! dear stephanie: Proud is not an adequate word to describe how I feel about you.  I love you and I’m so glad you’re my sister.  dear week: You have flown by.  Thank you!  dear blogger bffs: You are the best.  I’m really, truly humbled that you come back to read again and again.  dear spring: Bring it on!  dear God: Thank you for loving me, for your grace, mercy and guidance.

    Confession: I could eat my weight in frozen yogurt.  Really, I could.  I once spent $14 on frozen yogurt for myself.  I really think I’m a fat girl in a skinny girl’s body.  I’m also wondering when my husband is planning to cash in his February date because it may or may not have included a gift card to Sweet Frog.  {Oh, about those dates, I gave him lots of dates for Valentine’s Day and I’ll be sharing those on Tuesday.}

    Confession: I don’t like to pay for manicures for several reasons.  (1) We have a 3 year old and a 5 year old.  That equates to lots of playing and bathing.  (2) Washing dishes {yes, I’m the one who makes sure my plates are spotless before they go in the dishwasher – yes, Mama, it’s true!} makes the polish come off faster than I want it to.  (3) I bite my nails when I’m nervous / bored / worried.  Instead of {rarely} paying for them, I use OPI’s base coat, some nude/light pink OPI polish, and OPI’s Top Coat at home.  I don’t think they look too bad.  While we’re on nails, I don’t like nail designs either.  Just a personal preference.  When I was 3, yes, but as a professional woman, no.

    Confession: I felt like a real grown up last Saturday when at the grocery store, I not only purchased a real ham {of the cook several hours category}, I also had the butcher cut it for me.  I was also surprised when I discovered that chicken that isn’t boneless and skinless is like dirt cheap.

    Confession: Did you read about The Time I Thought My Husband Was Faking It?  I confess that I feel really bad about this.

    Confession: My sister got into Clemson this week.  While I’m extremely proud of her, I also am thinking selfishly of the fun we can have if she does go there.  Excuses to go to the Upstate for long weekends {and maybe hit up the Lazy Goat}, closer proximity to cool places like Asheville {and Biltmore} and some other selfish things.  In reality, I want her to go where she feels like she needs to go and I’m bursting at the seams with excitement and pride for her accomplishments.

    Confession: I have major nursery fever thanks to Pinterest.  I may have even created a board for my future babes.  I should clarify that I don’t have baby fever, just baby nursery fever, so husband, if you’re reading, please don’t freak out, and grandparents, don’t get excited.  This girl can’t wait to have some more babies to love, but give me a few years please.

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