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    A Charleston Spring Break | Days 3-4

    If you missed my recap of our first two days in Charleston, check it out here.

    On Wednesday, we decided to go to Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island for a more low-key day. We spent about three hours there and loved it. It was nice being outside and the boys had so much fun exploring.

    It was so cool to see how the soldiers lived as well as all the mechanisms in place for protection. Our boys were really interested in the cannons and how those worked. It’s crazy to think that when battles were fought during Fort Moultrie days, men had to do all of this manually.

    Before we left, we took a walk down the beach. Somebody took a nap on my back, too. I didn’t think I’d be a baby-wearing mama at all, but I love my Tula! Before Caleb could walk, I used it a good bit just outside at home so I could play with the big boys. I also used it for Nerf wars. Even though he can walk, it comes in really handy at the beach and places like Fort Moultrie where it’s not easy to use a stroller. He always seems to nap really well in it, too.

    Originally, we planned to grab burgers at Poe’s Tavern (Edgar Allan Poe was stationed at Fort Moultrie and references Sullivan’s in his writing), but the line was crazy long. Instead, we opted for our tried and true Chickfila.

    After lunch, we shopped a bit before taking the boys to Sky Zone. They had fun jumping, climbing, and playing dodgeball while we took a break and Caleb napped.

    On Wednesday night, we met my bff and her fiance for dinner at Five Loaves Cafe. Five Loaves is so good! I had the Bistro Steak which was delicious.  It was so nice getting to visit with Jaye and John, too!

    Our last day in Charleston was Thursday. After breakfast and checking out of the Inn, we headed back downtown to the South Carolina Aquarium. This was Caleb’s first trip to see the “ish” and he loved it. He pointed excitedly at everything. Our big boys had fun, too.

    After spending a few hours there, it was time to go home. We grabbed a quick bite for lunch at Zaxby’s when we stopped for gas and then played Would You Rather all the way home.

    It was so nice spending a few days away with my sweet boys!

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    Friday Favorites| 11.4.16

    Friday, how I’ve missed you! Blogging, how I’ve missed you! Life has been crazy lately – a good crazy, but crazy nonetheless. What better way to get back into the swing of things than with a quick Friday Favorites post.

    One | Halloween
    We had a fun Halloween! My SIL has everyone over on Halloween night and I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one who enjoys it. We usually trick-or-treat in her neighborhood as ours is insane. The boys were both scary things this year. I’m not sure how I feel about my sweet boys looking so scary. Also, K.C. says he’s not dressing up next year because he wants to scare people. They may have already decided that the baby is going to be a pumpkin.
    Two | We’re getting excited for the baby!
    It’s hard to believe that in just ten shorts weeks, our newest baby boy will be joining our family. He has a name, a crib, two really excited big brothers, and a mama and daddy who can’t wait to meet him. Also, be still my heart. The boys are all about helping Kevin put together everything for their baby brother’s nursery.
    Three | Our big boy has joined the Book Club! 
    Both of our boys love to read. I’m so thankful for this. K.C. is old enough for an invitation-only book club at his school and this year, he was invited to join it. He was so excited when he received his invitation. We’re so proud of both of our sweet boys!
    Four | Clemson Weekend with Family!
    We spent a long weekend in Clemson in mid-October with my family and our friends from Germany. We went to the Clemson/NC State game which was nothing short of a nail-bitter. When NC State missed their field goal at the very end of the game, I had one (Kaden) who popped up from my seat where he had been sleeping asking if he’d been asleep and another one (K.C.) with tears because he was so excited (we’re in overtime and didn’t lose) and stressed. K.C. said it best as we walked back to our tailgate after the game: I don’t know how to feel, happy or just stressed! Welcome to the world of being a sports fan, sweet boy. My husband, of course, is eating it up that our boys are starting to get into watching sports with him.
    Five | Fall Friday Nights
    Last Friday night, Kevin and I went to watch our niece cheer in her final football game as she’s a senior this year. It was nice being outside in the cooler weather, and of course, with my favorite person.
    That’s just a little snippet of our life lately. I can’t believe Halloween is already over and it’s almost time for Thanksgiving. We have so many things to look forward to in the next two and a half months as we eagerly await the arrival of our newest love.

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    Life Lately | 9.29.16

    In the midst of a hectic week, sometimes you need just a quick Life Lately post. Here’s what we’ve been up to the last few weeks.

    1 | Kaden has a broken arm. I think second grade must be the year of arm breaks for our family. Both boys have officially broken their arm in second grade. Kaden was definitely more excited about it than K.C. was a few years ago. He wanted to have his cast signed and is very proud of his “American” cast. Thankfully, it’s not a bad break and he only has to wear his cast a few more weeks.

    2 | Our sweet boy’s nursery is coming right along! We’ve been really busy rearranging and donating things in preparation for the baby’s arrival. I never knew how much stuff we had. It’s crazy. I think the people at Goodwill know us by name. Cleaning out an attic and switching two rooms around are logical things to do when you’re pregnant, right? Oh, and painting three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, too. My husband is a saint.
    I can’t wait to share all the nursery details as it starts coming together!
    3 | We’re writing a book. As we were riding home from church Sunday, the boys started talking about how they thought it would be fun to write a book. When we got home, they insisted we start, so we sat down, opened the laptop, and started writing. I’m pretty excited about this!

    4 | Saturdays are more fun when they include trips to the bookstore and Target. Last Saturday, the boys and I ran out to Barnes and Noble to pick up a few books and ended up with eleven. I think it’s safe to say our boys have inherited my love of books and Starbucks. We also made a quick trip into Target where they wanted to look at all things baby. K.C. is determined to have a baby monitor in his room. I love popping out for a bit with my favorite little boys!
    5 | In two short weeks, we will celebrate our fourth anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been four years already. It seems like just yesterday, and yet I can’t remember my life before Kevin.

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    I can’t believe summer is over. On one hand, it feels like it went by in a flash, and on the other, it feels like it was the longest summer ever.

    We had a really nice summer overall. The summer really started out with a bang when we found out we were blessed with a healthy pregnancy! Telling the boys that they are going to be big brothers was really exciting! We wrote letters on individual cards that they had to unscramble that read “Big Brothers – January 2017!”

    Our first trip of the summer was to Sapelo Island, GA. I’ve told you about Sapelo before. It is a magical place! Given that there isn’t really anything to do, we took advantage of the relaxation. We lounged on the beach, slept late, and spent afternoons in the boat watching dolphins and attempting to catch fish. One day, we even saw a manatee!

    We were home a week and then headed to the beach for a week with my family. The boys had a blast! They enjoyed boogie boarding, boat riding, fishing, playing putt putt, and going to the arcade. We went shell hunting one morning and found a few nice conchs, too!

    Checkers was the game of the summer!

    This boy lost one of his top front teeth and a few weeks later, lost the other!

    In late July, we spent another week at the beach with Kevin’s family. I was getting to the point where I wasn’t sick daily during this time, so I was able to enjoy being on the beach some as long as there was a breeze and umbrella. This was another nice, low-key beach week.

    All throughout our vacations, I couldn’t help but think that our next year beach vacations will look different as we’ll have our third baby boy with us!

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    This weekend was just the best. The best. Hands down, one of the bests I’ve had lately (not that mine have been bad; this one was just that good).

    The weekend started with taking dinner to a sweet friend and her family. She just had a baby girl who couldn’t have been any more precious. I made poppy seed chicken casserole and hash brown casserole and took salad, rolls, and cupcakes. The boys had a blast seeing their friends!

    We went on a “family date” to Mellow Mushroom after visiting with our friends and got a pizza. After dinner, the boys wanted to go to Target. They each had some money that was burning a hole in their pockets.


    Saturday was a really fun day. We started the morning at the ArtFields 5K. This was my first race since September. I was so nervous! I used to get slightly nervous before races, but haven’t lately. Not racing for almost seven months made me nervous again. I wasn’t sure how fast I’d be, so I was shooting for around 20:30. I believe I ran a 20:04 last year and since I haven’t been pushing it as much, I thought I’d be a little slower.

    I had a great run and was thrilled with my finish. Not only did I do better than I expected, I broke 20 minutes in the race and finished in 19:57.

    The sweetest part was having out little Kaden run in with me. This race is a color run (definitely not my favorite – I always say no to color when I get to each station), but Kaden wanted to get colored. Kevin, the boys, and my mom were about 100 yards from the finish line and he ran in with me and had a blast.

    After a cool down run with some friends, we waited for the awards and watched Kaden completely cover himself in color. He just loves it. K.C. watched from a safe distance!

    We walked around the green after the awards and then had lunch.

    After lunch, we checked out some of the art in the competition.

    That afternoon, Kevin and the boys went fishing with my dad and my sister’s boyfriend while I hung out with my mom and sister. We rode up to the pond where they were fishing to see how they were doing and then went to get some fresh strawberries. Kaden decided he wanted to go with us and picked a basket of strawberries all by himself.

    We ate dinner at my parents and hung out for the rest of the night.

    With the exception of church on Sunday, we stayed outside all day. We went to my in-laws for lunch and visited with them most of the afternoon.

    When we got home, I went for a run while the boys played outside with our neighbors. When I got back, they had a big bucket sitting in our drive way and in it was a snake! I am petrified of anything that crawls (lizards) or slithers (snakes). Thankfully, it was a harmless snake, but the kids and Kevin were fascinated and touched it as I screamed.

    After dinner, the boys asked to watch Fixer Upper, so we did that before giving them baths and getting them to bed.

    Weekends like this one make me yearn for summer and endless weekends.

    What fun things did you do this weekend?

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    Disney World Days 1-3 | Disney Springs, Magic Kingdom + Hollywood Studios

    A few months ago, I found out I had to attend a conference at Disney World, so naturally, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make a vacation out of it and take the boys for the week. We had a great time!

    We live about seven hours from Disney, so we decided to leave bright and early on Sunday morning. We were on the road a little before 8, and a few restroom breaks and lunch later, we pulled into our resort, the Yacht Club, a little before 4 pm. I’d be lying if I said we weren’t nervous about the long drive with the boys, but, y’all, they were so good! I don’t even think we heard “when are we going to be there?” until we had made the turn onto I-4 near Daytona, which was only about an hour from Orlando.

    The boys were so excited to be staying at the resort. It cracked me up how cool they thought the ice bucket was! When we travel, especially with the kids, we usually stay in a house, and when we have stayed in a hotel with them, I guess we haven’t pointed out the “cool” stuff. It made me smile!

    After our luggage made it to the room and we took a breather, we caught the bus to Disney Springs [formerly Downtown Disney]. The boys were really excited to go to the Lego Store and had a blast making their own race cars and racing them. We walked around a while and grabbed a quick bite to eat at Earl of Sandwich before going back to our resort.


    As soon as we got up Monday morning, we rode the bus to Magic Kingdom. I really wanted to catch the opening show, but unfortunately, even with the first bus to Magic Kingdom, we made it a few minutes too late. The first ride we decided to do was Peter Pan’s Flight. Choosing that ride for our first one was a great decision.

    We also were able to hang out with my cousin Tammy and her son Cole on Monday. They live nearby, so it was great to be able to see them. I enjoyed catching up with her and the kids had fun playing together.

    We spent the whole Monday in Magic Kingdom. Before heading back to the Yacht Club, we watched the Celebrate the Magic and the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular. Both of these shows were great!

    On Tuesday, we decided to go to Hollywood Studios. Unfortunately, K.C. woke up feeling bad and got sick that morning. Kevin stayed in our room with him while Kaden and I rode the bus over to Hollywood Studios with hopes that K.C. and Kevin would join us.

    The first thing we did when we got to Hollywood Studios was line up for Jedi Training. They let a limited number of kids train to be Jedi Knights each day, but before being “chosen,” you have to wait in a really long line. We stood in line for over an hour, and thankfully, about five minutes before we got to the front of the line, K.C. and Kevin made it so that K.C. could go through training too. Our show wasn’t scheduled to start until 5:10, so we had the whole day to explore.

    There were a few fun Star Wars attractions we enjoyed. Kaden and Kevin loved the Star Tours ride (K.C. and I skipped this one since he hadn’t been feeling great and opted for a funnel cake). We watched the Lights, Camera, Action Stunt Car Show, which in my opinion, is one of the most fun shows.

    After lunch, we went to the Indiana Jones show. It’s another of my favorite things at Hollywood Studios.

    At 4:30, we took the boys to get ready for their training. It’s really cool how they let the kids parade in their costumes to the stage for the Jedi show. Once there, they were each given a light saber and taught how to use it. Soon, Darth Vader and Darth Mal appeared and they battled the kids.

    We rushed to catch our FastPass+ at Toy Story Mania as soon as our knights were finished. That ride was fun!

    We were also able to make it to a showing of Fantasmic which was awesome!

    The night ended after we watched the Star Wars fireworks. Of all the firework shows at Disney, we all enjoyed the Star Wars show more than any others. I’m not even a Star Wars fan (though I’m having to learn all about it thanks to my boys) and loved it. There’s just something about that music that’s thrilling!

    We had a great first few days at Disney. I’ll recap the second part of our trip later this week.

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    A Fun Clemson Weekend

    We had a great weekend! On Friday, we got the kids out of school a little early and headed to the Upstate to spend the weekend with my sister and go to the Clemson game.

    Our first stop was my sister’s townhouse. I’ve only seen it via FaceTime, so I was excited to see it in person. It’s so cute! She was waiting on the porch for us when we drove up. The boys were excited to see her! She also had some cute treats for them (and us) which was really sweet!

    We let the kids run around a while and burn some energy from the car ride before heading to downtown Clemson to look around. I got two cute game day outfits.

    As soon as we planned the trip, Stephanie told us about a barbecue place she wanted to take us called The Smokin’ Pig. It’s been named one of the best barbecue places and after eating there, I can see why. We had to wait about an hour for a table, but it was worth it; even the boys agreed. Plus, the crisp fall air and complimentary sweet tea while we waited weren’t bad.

    We got up early Saturday morning to head to Death Valley to tailgate and watch the game. My parents’ and Stephanie’s boyfriend’s parents all drove up that morning, so we enjoyed tailgating together. My dad, Kevin, the boys, and I walked down to watch the band walk by and the boys got their picture with the Tiger.

    The last time we took the boys to a game, they had just turned 4 and 6 and were scared of the cannons that go off after every touchdown and kick off. I was a little worried that they’d be the same way now, but thankfully, we had no tears (about that) and they just covered their ears.

    The game started off pretty slow, but as soon as K.C. and I went out to get some Dippin Dots, our team started to score and ended up scoring two touchdowns before we made it back to our seats with his snack and Kaden’s snow cone.

    We ended up winning the game by quite a few points.

    After the game, we ran down on the field. Between the two of them, the boys got 18 autographs. They were so excited!

    We tailgated some more after the game before grabbing some pizza and eating at Stephanie’s.

    We didn’t have a whole lot of time on Sunday given that we had to drive home, but the boys really wanted to hike. There’s a place called Stumphouse Mountain not far above Walhalla, SC, which was about a 45-minute drive from Clemson, that has a number of trails, a tunnel and the Isaqueena Falls. The boys LOVED it. We hiked three trails including one that went to the bottom of the Falls. It was just gorgeous!

    Our fun weekend was complete with a stop at Fuddrucker’s (Kevin’s favorite) in Greenville.

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    Sapelo Island Fun

    I really, really, really want to get back to blogging! I enjoy it and I love to look back and see the things we were doing and the things I was thinking. What better way than with a quick recap of a really fun trip we took!

    A few years ago, Kevin and I went to Sapelo Island, Georgia, for our first anniversary. (Read about it here and here.) We absolutely adored the natural island and it was great being “unplugged.” Back in June, after the kids finished school, we went back and took them and Kevin’s parents with us. It was just an awesome week.

    Not more than fifty people live on Sapelo, so it’s a really quiet place. There aren’t any stores and just a gas pump to fill your vehicle (that’s already on the island) and boat. It’s really this idyllic setting.

    The only way to access the island is by personal boat or on a ferry that runs twice each day. We took Kevin’s dad’s boat with us. I can’t imagine being on the island without a boat.

    Since the distance from land is about seven miles and it’s all through creeks and inlets, we had to time the tide correctly to avoid getting stuck in the shallow water. We made it over as the sun was setting and an alligator greeted us at the dock! It’s crazy to see all of this wildlife up close and personal (and this coming from someone who grew up in the country!).

    Our friend who owns the home we stayed in has an old truck on the island, so we loaded it up with our things and all of our food for the five days we were there.

    Since it was the first time the boys and my in-laws have been to the island, we took them on a tour on the way to the house. It is really just so beautiful. See for yourself. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

    There are lots of wild animals on the island. We saw bull, deer, an alligator, an armadillo, and so many other animals in their natural habitats.

    It was nesting season for the turtles. There must have been hundreds of marked nests in the four nights we were at Sapelo. Kevin and I ventured out one night to look for ourselves, but somebody (me) chickened out. It’s really dark!

    Kaden was excited to go to Sapelo! 

    The boys wanted to catch a shark, so we caught three (and a stingray!)!

    The horse shoe crabs were also mating while we were there. There were hundreds washed up on the shore.

    I think moss is beautiful. There’s something so serene and Southern and just lovely about it. Our kids on the other hand, felt it spooky!

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    The Best Week

    Y’all, last week was just the best week. We had such a good time. I looked at Kevin a few times last night after the boys had gone to their mom’s and just said “it was such a good week.” It’s hard having children who aren’t with you one hundred percent of the time and I know I at least feel like we have to fit in all the things we’d do if they were with us all the time in less time than that. Some weeks I feel like we spend so much time doing the necessary things that we don’t always have a tremendous amount of time to just sit and play and it feels overwhelming, but other weeks, I just feel like we had an awesome fun-filled week all the time and it makes me happy. It certainly doesn’t make it easier to kiss them goodbye for a few days, but it does make my heart feel calm.

    On Monday, I left work a little early and took the boys bowling with the first and second graders from church. It was fun! I love seeing how they interact with their friends. Kaden got his first strike. He was so proud of himself as was I. He rolled (err… threw) the ball down the lane and turned around because he didn’t think it was going to be good. I had to tell him to turn around and watch as all the pins went down at once. He immediately ran to his brother to tell him about his strike! K.C. did awesome, too, and was the highest scorer for his team. He even got a little prize at church yesterday for it.

    Both of the kids had soccer games last week. They each technically had two, but due to more rainouts, they only played one each and the season ended. It’s been the wettest, yuckiest soccer season we’ve had. K.C. played on Tuesday night. His team “won” (even though they don’t officially keep score, you know we do! haha) and he scored a goal! I was so glad to get to see him score — and get it on camera! We always joke that he scores when I’m not there. I very rarely miss any of their games, but of the 2-3 I’ve missed in about eight seasons total, he’s scored a goal. He even scored one earlier this season when I was watching Kaden’s game, so to say I was excited to see him score again is an understatement. Kaden played his last game on Thursday night and I was so proud of him. In the past, he’s run over to me multiple times during his games asking about snacks, but this season, he’s played the whole time. He has turned into quite a good little soccer player and I couldn’t be more proud!

    K.C. lost his third tooth Tuesday night, too. During his bath Monday, he tried to get me to pull it (Kevin can’t even stand to hear about a loose tooth, much less pull one!), but it really didn’t feel loose enough. K.C. is one of these kids who won’t want to do something again if it hurts, so I didn’t want to pull it and have it bleed a lot and have him upset because we have quote a few teeth to go. We made a compromise that he would wiggle it all day Tuesday and after soccer Tuesday night, I’d pull it. Well, it had other plans. He was playing with a friend after school and his friend’s arm hit his mouth and out came his tooth. I was out of town for work and Kevin texted me a picture of him when he picked him up. I called and he was so excited! He also told me he wanted the Tooth Fairy to leave him Pokemon cards, so it’s a good thing the fairy had a chance to stop by Target before soccer!

    It was so yucky out Friday night, so we stayed in and had family game night. K.C. picked Monopoly and Kaden wanted to play Battleship, so we played both. It’s so fun playing games with them even if it is slightly stressful. We may have quite a competitive family.

    I had a race Saturday morning and Kevin and the boys went with me. They typically go to most of my races, but the last few have worked out too close to soccer games. It was a treat to see them at the finish line. I finished the race in 19:54 and was first female and second overall.

    Krispy Kreme was right by the race, so we stopped there after and got doughnuts. I’m definitely not one that goes by there often — as much as I’d like to — so it was a real treat. The boys, especially Kaden, were in heaven. Kaden told us he’d turn into a doughnut if he could!

    We spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon just fooling around at home. It was nice. Later that day, the boys took me shopping. My birthday is Friday and so we went to look at a few things. We ended up stopping by Kevin’s parents and went to our favorite Italian restaurant in town for dinner with them.

    On Saturday night we went to the rodeo with my family. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too pepped about going because it started late, I had gotten up early, and I really didn’t know if the kids would enjoy it or not. We haven’t had good luck with them at things like that – you know, things like the circus and Disney On Ice, and even a Clemson game for that matter. They loved it though! K.C. liked the big lawn mower that drove around the dirt and Kaden liked the horses and bull riding.

    Yesterday was really good, too. Out of the years we’ve taught Sunday School, are kids were better yesterday than they’ve ever been. We start at 9:45 and if I can keep their attention until 10:10, I feel accomplished. Yesterday, we talked about Jesus, read the Easter story, and used our Resurrection Eggs until about 10:40! I think they really got something out of it, too. I don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to do with these little people, but I do know they are precious and I want seeds to be planted in their lives that will grow and mature as they grow.

    During church, Kaden was sitting in my lap. I have a notebook I write notes in and he wanted to help me. As he was writing, he began to draw the contents of the Resurrection Eggs which tell the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. It warms my heart to see how God is working in the hearts of our little guys and molding them into the people He wants them to become.

    After church, we had some leftovers and played. We also dyed Easter eggs and had an egg hunt.

    Weeks and weekends like this one make my heart so happy and full!

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    A few weeks ago, I sat down and made some goals for this first month of the year. Some of them, I met, others will get moved over to February.

    January was a fun and full month. I relaxed more than I have in… ever. We got some things done at home, had some fun dates with my husband, and had lots of family fun. It was a great month!

    Now, for a recap of January’s goals and a few other notes from last month.

    one | Go through my clothes and donate what I don’t wear anymore.

    Nope. This didn’t happen. I had good intentions of starting this a few times each weekend, but things like movie dates won.

    two | Run 80 miles.
    I don’t think I ran 80 miles this last month. Y’all know I don’t run high mileage typically, but I try to run around 20 miles each week. I haven’t added my miles up for last month, but I think I’m 5-10 off.

    three | Put my phone down more.
    I was successful with this. It’s so nice not looking at my phone because my mind is over stimulated and doesn’t know how to stop.

    four | Read two books.
    Done! I read two and almost finished a third.

    I read Wild and 41 and started Amy Poehler’s Yes Please


    I also started a new study with a few girls. It’s called Keep It Shut. We’re really enjoying it and following along with Proverbs31 Ministries.

    five | No unnecessary spending.

    Check! I did good on this one. I don’t think I bought one thing (food included) that we didn’t need which is a huge deal for me.

    six | Try one new recipe.

    I tried a few new recipes this month, both from the Pioneer Woman.

    Sunday Night Stew was great and we ate it on a Sunday night. 
    I also made Chicken Mozzerella Pasta. I kept my chicken and sauce separate since my husband isn’t crazy about really tomatoey things, but this “doctored up” sauce was out of the world!

    seven | Go see a movie.

    We saw two! We went to see Mockingjay: Part 1 and American Sniper. Here’s a condensed version of my thoughts on each.

    Mockingjay: Part 1 – I felt like this would’ve been better if it was combined with part 2. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but it’s obvious it was building to part 2.

    American Sniper – No words. No words. Regardless of how you feel politically and about the war, you should see this movie. I left feeling so much more grateful for our heroes. And if we hadn’t been going to eat after the movie, I would have bawled uncontrollably and I’m not a crier.

    eight | Have one play date for the kids.

    Done! The boys got to play with their best friend Liam and his little sister. They had a blast!

    nine | Start on new photo books.

    This didn’t exactly happen either. I’m going to do it in February.

    ten | Backup all photos on our hard drive.

    And that’s a big fat no. I’ll get it done this month though!

    Now, for a few other things from the month.

    K.C.’s basketball season is well underway. He is having a blast playing! He even got his first foul last weekend!

    Kaden celebrated his 100th day in kindergarten (K.C. had 100 days too, but they didn’t do too much in second grade.) He took in 100 Twizzler bites.

    I played basketball with my husband. I’m glad Santa decided to bring the boys a goal.

    I won the first Grand Prix of running in my area. I was pretty excited!

    Remember how I said we relaxed in January? We did. And I may have gotten hooked on a show I said I wouldn’t ever watch. The Bachelor. Whitney is my favorite.

    We did a few science experiments.

     And celebrated Stephanie’s 20th birthday.

    Kevin finished a fishing rod holder for the garage.

    And I ran and won two races – Legwarmers for Literacy and the Polar Bear 5K.

    It was a good month! I’m looking forward to all February has to offer!