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Kevin and I have taught a kids’ Sunday School for about four years before having Caleb. After Caleb was born, we decided to sit back and join an adult Sunday School class. I’ve really been enjoying it! Our class is discussion-based, but we use a curriculum. We’re currently using MasterWork Spring 2018 by LifeWay. The study we’re in now is all about the names of God. I plan to share what I’m learning each week on Sunday, but since I didn’t get to that this past Sunday, here are my thoughts on Elohim, the Strong Creator God.


When I think about God’s names, I tend to think about names like Emmanuel, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Comforter, Protector, Father. The first names I think of aren’t usually names like Elohim or Jehovah. I’m so excited about our current study on the names of God and applying the truths from these names to my life.

This past week, our study was on Elohim, the Strong Creator God. Elohim is the first name of God that appears in the Bible. In fact, it’s in the very first verse of the Bible. Genesis 1:1 tells us that “In the beginning God (Elohim) created the heavens and the Earth.” The very first thing that God wants us to know about Himself is that He creates. He is the One and Only Creator. He breathed everything into being. He the only One who can create. The inventions, creations, and new discoveries of mankind may be credited to the “creators,” but keep in mind that those things would not have been possible without the Creator. Medicines to heal our ailments are possible because God created the elements needed to mix together perfectly to provide relief and healing from diseases. Homes that we live in are built because God provided the materials. The food on our tables is there because God made the ingredients. You get the point. Absolutely every single thing in our world including the world itself was created by God. How awesome is that? I think it’s mind-boggling to think about.

First impressions matter. The first impression God wanted us to have of Him was Creator. When I think about my own life, I care about the impression I give to others. When people who don’t know me see me or meet me for the first time, I want them to have a favorable impression of me. I want, first and foremost, for people to know I love Jesus. I want them to be able to see this through the way I talk and act. I also want them to know I’m a devoted and true person. I am devoted to my family and strive to be the best wife and mom that I can be. I also want them to know that I care, look for the best, and enjoy life. I want them to know I’m trustworthy.

One thing that really got me in last week’s study was the thought of Elohim and time. God is set apart from the constraints of time (another mind-boggling thought). He was, and is, and is to come. God Himself created time. I don’t know about you, but I don’t ever feel like I have enough time in the day. I think about my days in terms of what has to get done and what I want to get done. Unfortunately, the haves tend to be the ones I focus on while the wants keep getting pushed aside, but God? God created time.

Reading about God and time really convicted me of my focus on time. Try as I might, I’ll never be able to create more time. I try hard to give myself margin everyday, but it doesn’t always happen. I feel like there are things God wants me to accomplish and things He’s placed on my heart, but I don’t know how I’ll possibly do them. The problem with that thinking isn’t a time problem. It’s a faith problem. Instead of spending time trying to figure out how I can do 2-3 more hours of work in an hour, I need to depend on the Creator of Time to guide me. He created time, surely He can show me how to use mine wisely.

When God created the universe, He could’ve done it in all manner of ways. All He had to do was speak and all of creation was formed. The powerful Creator made billions of stars and galaxies, created a world fit just for humans, and made each of us in His image. This powerful Creator wants a relationship with us. He is very real, He’s personable, and He wants us to develop a close relationship with Him.

We’re all in awe of someone or something. There could be an athlete we admire and want to learn from. We may have a hobby we enjoy and want to be the best at it. We could enjoy history and want to soak up every bit we can learn about a particular time. Regardless of it, there is someone or something in your life that you are in awe of and are constantly trying to get to know. Elohim, the Strong Creator God, wants us to get to know Him. And I’m not sure about you, but someone who can put this entire universe into motion with just a word is someone pretty awesome to know.

God loves us, He wants what’s best for us, and He wants to interact with us. He wants us to form a relationship with Him. He wants to guide us and protect us. He wants us to live for Him. He speaks to us in all kinds of ways – sunsets, internal peace, the smiles of our spouse and children, the still small voice inside, His Word, and sometimes, even audibly. He is the Creator of everything. He knows the desires of our hearts because He created them. Talk to Him, let Him in, and seek Him. What better way to learn your way than to lean on Elohim the Creator!

I want to leave you with a few passages that I starred:

He (meaning God) doesn’t need logic or tangible solutions in order to accomplish His goal. All He needs is Himself, and you you need is faith in His name that He can do all that He purposes to do. (p 89)

Too often we get hung up trying to figure out the answer to our problems. Rather than trying to visualize how God is going to straighten out your situation, tweak your trials, or fix your failures, remember His name. Elohim can create something out of nothing. He’s done it before, and He continues to do it to this day. After all, He created worlds just by speaking them into existence. (p 89)

Elohim is a God who can transform a mess into a miracle. He transforms darkness into light. He transforms the desolate, uninhabitable recesses of your soul into places of fertile growth. (p 90)

He can handle the issues of your life, make the connections and intersections you need, and give you wisdom to make the choices that will get you closer each day to the fulfillment of His will – if you will but let Him by living a life of surrender to Him. (p 92)

Elohim created us and just as we care for our loved ones, He cares for us. Let Him in.

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