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Whew! This has been a week! It hasn’t been a bad week, but it’s been a week. I feel like every time I take two steps forward, I’m taking one back. Such is life sometimes! I’m thankful that the weekend is nearly here and it’s going to be packed with some of my very favorite things and people! Here are a few of my favorite things this week linked up with Andrea, Narci, and Ericka.


I had a little extra time at home during the workweek this week thanks to a baby with tummy troubles (Could someone please tell me what you do when your child can’t use the bathroom?) and a dentist appointment. Even though it wasn’t much, being home a few minutes early was nice. I had forgotten what it felt like to cook dinner thanks to my awesome husband who normally gets it going for us each night!



This dark chocolate is amazing. Seriously. Go get some for yourself. It’s a little habit of mine to have a piece of dark chocolate each night. It’s supposed to be good for you, right? This is the best:Endangered Species Chocolate, Chocolate Bites, Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Almond. (PS – Dear Easter Bunny, I’ll take some of this in my basket!)


The baby brought home his first artwork. How is he old enough to paint? I have to rearrange the refrigerator art now!


We got rid of stuff last weekend. We’ve had some piles accumulating in the garage, and last weekend, Kevin loaded it up. What you can’t see are about ten boxes full of clothes. It always feels good to purge some things.


Last week, I received the awesome #MomLifeVoxBox*. This box was full of some awesome goodies that I’ve been enjoying all week!

  • Vera Wang Embrace Fragrance – I’ve been searching for a new perfume for a while now (I even bought a sample of about 10 different fragrances at Christmas to try to find a new one), and I’ve found it with this! My birthday is in a few weeks, so Kev, this can be on the list!
  • Eva NYC Hair Products – I live in the South which means hello, frizz! I’ve used lots of products over the years to try to keep my thick, long hair frizz free. I really love the way both of the Eva NYC products make my hair feel and smell. Seriously, they smell so good! I used the conditioner as a deep conditioning treatment on Sunday and my hair still feels good after several washes.
  • Epsom Salt – I did not personally use this product as two of my boys confiscated it and took a few nice lavender-smelling baths. After their last soccer game Tuesday, Kaden said he might need to use it since it helps with soreness (he got kicked and stepped on in the game). K.C. also used it after his run. They both agree that it smells really good and liked the way it felt!
  • Tea and Quinoa – I haven’t used these products yet, but plan to this weekend. I’m making the quinoa as a side with dinner and as cold as it is today, a cup of hot tea is in order tonight!

Have you used any of these products?


These two. The biggest and littlest. Caleb’s new “thing” after bathtime has been playing and “reading” in his crib. His big brother joined him one night. My heart just smiles! And next week, I’ll share Caleb’s nursery!

Those are just a few of my favorite things from the week. I can’t wait for a fun-filled weekend to start my list of next week’s favorites!


*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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