Happy NINTH Birthday, Kaden!

Dear Kaden,

I can’t believe you are nine years old today! You are growing up so fast right before our eyes. You are such a good boy! Daddy and I are so proud of you!

You are truly a dream, Kaden. You are so sweet, so kind, so energetic, so full of happiness, and so loving. When I first met you, you were a chunky barely two-year old running around with a huge grin on your face and twinkle in your eye. Today, you’re still running around everywhere with a giant smile on your face and that same sparkle in your eye. Watching your grow over these past seven years has been such a blessing.

Right now, you’re all about sports and being outside. You love playing soccer, riding your bike, and skateboarding. You’re always up for an adventure and you’re definitely our dare-devil child. You’re also very meticulous about doing everything right.

Your kind heart never ceases to amaze me. You are so caring. You’re the first to check on anyone who seems hurt and always give extra hugs and kisses. A few nights ago as you were saying your prayers, you asked God to help the people who aren’t happy to be happy and to help the ones who are in bad places to get out of them. The compassion you have in your heart for others shines brightly in your attitude and actions. What a gift you are!

The zest you have for life is so refreshing. You always want to have fun and I just love that. You’re curious about everything and love to explore. I pray you’ll always have that curiosity about life.

You are the best brother – both big brother and little brother. What a treat it is to be the boy in the middle! Your big brother adores you even if you two get aggravated with each other sometimes. Your baby brother thinks you’re his size, his playmate, and his jungle gym. Seeing the way you love K.C. and Caleb brings a smile to my face.

You love Jesus and seeing you grow in Him is such a blessing. You want to follow Him and get to know Him and it thrills me to hear your sweet prayers. It’s always my prayer that you will be a leader and not a follower and allow God to shape your life. A life following Him will be filled with adventure, peace, and more joy than you can imagine.

I’m so thankful to call you mine, bud. You fill my heart with love and laughter each and every day. What a joy you are!

Happy NINTH (!) Birthday, Kaden! I love you more than words can say!




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This weekend, we celebrated Kaden’s birthday with a Clemson-themed party. We spent most of the week in Charleston for Spring Break, so this year, we opted for a more low-key family party. A few weeks ago, Kaden was all about yo-yos thanks to a promotion at school, so you can imagine my relief that he announced he no longer wanted a yo-yo party, but instead would take a Clemson party as we were driving to Charleston.

I always let the kids pick their theme, food, and cake. I figure it’s their party, so I want them to enjoy it. Kaden was really, really, really easy this year. He asked for pizza and a red velvet cake. The lack of ideas he gave us for gifts proved to be challenging this year though. I guess those two balanced out each other!

Since we have a ton of Clemson stuff, it was easy to decorate. I used orange table clothes, some helmets for centerpieces, Clemson frames with photos from past games we’ve gone to on the mantle, and Kevin even turned on the DVD of the National Championship we won. Since the boys love balloons and streamers, I made sure to use those as well.

I decided to be all fancy and make an orange velvet cake, but that didn’t go quite as planned. Two bottles of orange coloring and one bottle each of red and yellow didn’t quite give us Clemson orange, but the cake was still great.

Our little guy had a great time opening his gifts and had his best buddy sleep over after the party. It was so much fun to celebrate our sweet Kaden!

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