How We: Do Goals, Resolutions, Etc.

I’m linking up with Shay and Erika for How We today. I’m looking forward to this fun series!

Today’s topic is all about goals and resolutions. I love goals. I make them each month as well as have some overarching goals for the year. 

Goals are a great way to keep in check things that need to be done as well as remind me of things I want to do. I do a fair job with making sure everything that needs to be done is done (I’m a little Type A), but when it comes to those extra things that matter to me and that I really enjoy, I don’t always make or take the time to do them.

This year, my overarching goal is to simplify my life. We all live busy lives, and if you’re like me, you wonder how you’ll fit in everything you have to do, much less everything you want to do. I’m trying to keep simplifying in mind as I go throughout each day. I want to simplify my home (we have way too many things), simplify my calendar (I commit to too many extra things), and simplify my time.

In addition to simplifying my life, there are a few things I want to do more of this year and they’re all things that I love. 

– Read through the Bible – This is probably the tenth year I’ve had this as a resolution, but God-willing, I will complete it this year! I’m using the Bible in a Year plan on the Bible App and love it. There’s a reading that goes along with each day that explains the verses read.

– Run more – While running didn’t take a backseat in 2017, I certainly didn’t run as much for obvious reasons. I am the best version of myself when I run or work out most days of the week, so this is something I want to do better on.

– Cook more than eat out – We eat out a ton. Seriously. And it’s not even eating out in the traditional sense of going to sit down in a restaurant. I’m the first to admit it’s difficult to put together a meal after working all day, but I really want to feed my family well. Oftentimes, that turns into pick up from our favorite restaurants or Chickfila which amounts to wasted groceries and wasted money. Over the holidays, I really enjoyed cooking some from the Pioneer Woman cookbooks I have. This year, I want to cook more days than I don’t.

– Read more – I know it sounds silly to say “more” in virtually every goal I have especially when the overarching theme for my year is to “simplify,” but it’s my hope that simplifying every area of my life will allow me time to do more of those things that I love and that matter. I love to read. I used to read several books a month, but I probably only read five or six books during the entire year of 2017! I have a stack of books I anticipating reading during maternity leave only to find them on my bookshelf unread nearly a year later! Before I make another trip to Barnes & Noble (one of my favorite places to go with my boys) or check out on Amazon, I’m going to read those books. And I’ll tell you about them.

It goes without saying that I certainly want to spend more quality time with my husband and our kids. One area where I feel like Kevin and I do a good job in is spending family time together. For the most part, we dedicate each night to family time. Sure, there are dinners to make, lunches to pack, and kids to bathe, but most nights, we have dedicated family time where we all just hang out together. I love listening to my kids talk and tell me what they have on their mind, playing board games, watching the baby run around and making thousands of stacks of blocks for him to knock over, and even just watching a show like “Survivor” or a movie together as a family. That time is so precious and valuable and I don’t ever want to take it for granted.

In addition to my yearly goals, I also like to set goals each month. I write these in the “Goal” portion of my Plum Paper planner at the beginning of each month and also put them in my iPhone notes section. These goals usually fall in a few different categories. My January goals are: 

– Exercise: Run 50 miles, do more strength training, Tone It Up videos
– Home: organize the front room, closet under the stairs, and china cabinet drawer, cook more than eat out
– Faith: Stay on task with the Bible in a Year App, complete Sunday School readings with Kevin, carve out a better way to do my quiet time
– Family: Have a fun family night, have a date night in and a date night out with Kevin

I can’t wait to see how you make your goals and resolutions!

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