May Goals

I can’t believe we’ve already gone through four months of the year and it’s May! It’s been a while since I’ve done monthly goals and I miss them! Today, I’m sharing my goals for May. Hopefully these will keep me on track and help me do a few things I’ve missed lately (like reading).

May Goals

  • Read one book. Ok, I know that doesn’t seem like much, but I’ll be thrilled if I can complete one book this month. I have 7-8 books waiting to be read. During my maternity leave, I thought I was going to have all this time to read, but that didn’t happen!
  • Start Caleb’s college savings and savings accounts. I also thought I’d do this during maternity leave, but didn’t. I want to go ahead and get both of these rolling this month.
  • Run 15 miles/week. I’m really enjoying running after an almost year-long hiatus. My speed and endurance are coming back, but I’m still not where I want to be. If I can manage 15 miles each week, I’ll be happy! I’d also like to get up to 5 miles without stopping.
  • Do at least four workout videos each week. I love the Tone It Up videos. I’m currently doing their Bikini Challenge. Even though I’m not following it to a t, I love knowing what to work out each day.
  • Clean out the top drawer in the kitchen china cabinet. If you’re anything like me, you have multiple junk drawers just waiting to be organized. This particular drawer houses everything from birthday cards to race bibs to artwork I want to keep (that makes it sound organized doesn’t it?). I want to pull everything out and get it all organized.
  • Go through the boys’ clothes. Our boys are growing like weeds! I literally had to purchase K.C. new pants two weeks after buying a new size for him! 
  • Catch up on photo books. I thought I’d get caught up on these during maternity leave, too, but again, it didn’t happen.
  • Host dinner at our house. With Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday this month, I’ve got plenty of reasons to have a nice dinner at home. I enjoy doing a nice dinner, but it’s something we haven’t done since I was pregnant. 
There you have my goals for May. What things do you want to get done this month?

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  • Ariane

    Love your goals. I have a lot of travel, business and personal, this month, so I'm trying not to overcommit myself. I have a few work-related goals, and I'm also hoping to set time aside to meet with and ultimately hire a housekeeper.

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